Who Is Mr.Bunny? (Non Fiction Version)

Today, I would like to introduce, for you who don't know him, Mr. Bunny.

Mr. Bunny is obviously, a bunny, one of my oldest characters. His "career" started way back in 1997, as a guest member in my unreleased comic "Zoo Zippo". After a few years, he got his own comic strip called "Forest Tales" in Comicdom.gr for 3 years, and had regular appearences in another strip called "De.Pe.De.The". His strip was renamed "the FOREST" for the last year.

Since Mr. Bunny was a controversial character, I always tried to give him a more realistic public image, creating his background based on real life events, as an artistic guru-erque figure.

Mr. Bunny is originally a musician, tht started his career as a member of the band OASIS, way before they even got their name.
His MySpace account can be found here:

But, Mr. Bunny is also a comic artist. He can't really draw anything, but he pretends to be one. He even has a Deviantart account:

Two years ago, he appeared in a series of strips as a mascot for Small Press Idol, where he made his way to the top, and ended up 4th, not winning anything of course.

He even got a few gigs for the Bluwater Productions site back at 2006.

Today Mr. Bunny's comic strip returned to the Small Press Association site's main page, where you can read every Monday his new adventures, his high-profiled tips for new creators, and his disturbingly emotional reactions to every vegetable that starts with the letters "carro".



Here we are again. Every time I open a blog account, I'm all excited to start wwriting on it, and be right on schedule to update it regulary, but then I got bored.

Well, this time I'll make a really good effort to keep this promise to myself! :p

Aaanyway, let's talk about Penguins.

PENGHUNT, is a comic/comic strip that started as a parody for the pages of the comic MANHUNT

The official mascots of Manhunt, the Evil (?) Penguins, have their own Agenda! A comic strip that will blow your mind! (except if you're not human). You can read it in the last pages of MANHUNT, but you can also follow the strip in FACEBOOK: