I love making lists. Lists about everything! To-Do lists, Top 5s, Top 10s, Best, Worst, Sexiest, anything that can be in an order, let me have it, I'm your man!

So, in order to keep that order (sic), I 'm gonna try and make/customize this blog's categories today!

(Usually the categories turn out something like that Monty Python sketch, you know what I mean, the Spanish Inquisition)

Hmm...ok. We have 3 major categories:

A/ Personal Projects
B/ Comic Related Stuff (Reviews, Market Analysis, Comics I find interesting, etc)
C/ Real Life things, that will be usually be posted in Greek. (I don't think Samaras is of any interest for the general public for example!)

The 3 poinrts above, have their own sub-categories of course. Each one will have a title. Obviously. So, the way I'm thinking it, the categories will look something like this:

1- Comics, collaborations, strips, whatever I currently work on, or have made in the past. These updates will start with the letters PP.
2- Sketches, strips, stuff in general that I'm doing for no particular reason. These updates will start (thier title) with the letters SP.

1- Reviews. Search for the letters RV.
2- Market Analysis, a shorter "Market Watch" version for the greeks that remember my column on Comicdom site, with the letters MW. The majority of the posts will be in Greek btw.
3- Cool stuff, comics I like to read, cool merchandise, etc. The fun posts, that will have the letters CS.

C/ SLICE OF LIFE (Interesting and ironic use of title for this category, since I strongly dislike almost every "slice-of-life" comic I ever read!)
1- TV reviews. (Yes, of course, "TV" will be on their titles smart ass!)
2- Things that happens in Greece, and I have a say about. Their titles will start with an XX.

Important notice: every time an update is written in greek, in the end of its title you will see this: (GR).

Great! We now have our "list", and we're more than ready to start rolling!

See you next time!

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