Enter...the SHE'N!

Back with some news, and laughs (hopefully) for you guys!

Let's get to the point! Last month I did 2 (two) comic strips for the very talented Ray Dillon and his "educational" superhero team, the SHE'N, a featured tutorial in the Superhero section of the book Master Digital Color.

A few words about the SHE'N: In ancient Chinese mythology there is a long-forgotten. tale of four beings who ride within a storm and fall from the sky. All face death, are resurrected after four days and are granted powers. They walk among men to stop a great war and endless bloodshed. In modern day, these are four strangers from around the globe visiting Shanghai who manifest powers after a plane crash and are considered gods among men, or "She'n." One of whom, their leader, follows another meaning of "she'n" as a shapshifting dragon who creates mirages. China needs them to stop the political war that has begun, the plague of violence and decay on the streets, and new unforseen supernatural forces soon to be released to bring an end to the world.

or just follow his blog: http://raydillon.blogspot.com/

As for the strips...Enjoy!

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