Wishes for the new...Resurection Day!

Happy Easter Everyone!

(The following holiday strip is in greek, but for anyone who has the courage, the translation is right above it!)

TITLE: "Mr. Bunny Presents: Instructions for a great Easter"

P.1 "Oh no! Easter came so early this year, I couldnt find the time to prepare!!"

P.2 "...many of you out there will say. But No worries!"

P.3 "Mr Bunny is here, to show you the instructions for a FAST EASTER PREPARATION!"

P.4 "The ingredients you re gonna need, are only 4!"
"Two (2) Eggs",

P.5 "One lamp, or sheep",

P.6 "And a bottle of wine".

P.7 "You break the eggs with the sheep, for good luck,"

P.8 "You give the wine to the sheep to drink,"

P.9 "And as soon as the sheep gets drunk, it's ready to get impaled!"

P.10 "Caution! You must be absolutely sure, that your sheep is not part of any Alchoolics Anonymous group! If the sheep is not completely drunk,"

P.11 "In this case, only One (1) bottle of wine will get you in a really difficult position!"

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