Promo Recap and Other Animals

  It's been a long time since I wrote somehting here in english, and that's because I did'nt have any "international" news to share. I still really don't, everything -comicwise- is in hiatus at the moment, but be sure to check back after the summer for...well, news.
  There's around 4 projects on my table, involving other, also talented people, and a few small surprises. In due time.

For now we'll do a recap for 3 things:


  I like making stuff. I like working with wooden surfaces, and creating "false" 3D things and animals. Take a look at the pics:

  So I decided to take the next step, and try Actual 3D models. And the 1st that came to mind, was a T-Rex. TWO T-Rex-es (pun...intended?) actually, because I wanted to add movement after I finished the first one. The first one had a balance problem at the start, so he got a crutch as a gift, and he stuck with it afterwards. Here s some more pictures:

(I'm also trying to make a stop motion animation with these two, with some help, but I won't reveal anything more just yet.)

  My online comic strip with the penguin spies, the spider, the elephant, the snake-penguin, the girrafes, the human speciments and the sexy cuties is still going twice a week. Now it's a good time to start reading it, we are in that point where nothing s going on, untill it does. If you know what I mean ;)
(Even if you don't, it's the same thing.)

  This new comic site of mine is more understandable at the moment. If you never heard about it, here's your chance to start reading this as well. There's a lot going on there, profile comics, presentations, generic hilarious comics, and more categories coming soon, right after our beloved Stegos' the stegosaurus funeral.

  That's all for now guys and gals, Stay Tuned!

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