The Brave and the Gay

 I hate it when comics are trying to "send a message". When they try to moralize or provoque. I hate political comics in every sense of the word. And I hate it when they try to be "educational" for a particular reason.

Let's talk now about marriages in comics. Something pretty common for decades now, a nice trick to boost our sales. But to have a succesful result, it's important to also have an already famous couple. Or one of the participiants at least. In this case, you do a nice, romantic story, a special cover, and there's your big event. Superman's marriage. Spider-man's, Cyclops' or the Hulk. And you have your event, bigger sales, and everyone's happy. The end.

The "big event of the year2012" for Marvel is a marriage thing. (And AVX, but we don't care about it in this article). A Gay wedding this time, between Northstar and his longtime partner "Kyle". Except, it is'nt.
Except, we don't really care, not because "it's a gay thing", but because it's Northstar and some insignificant dude.
Now try and say that loud. And try to avoid the flaming arrows coming your way after that. Because if you Do "declare" something like that, you are a racist.
But I DON"T care! It's about a third-class lame character who has been overused and has nothing more to say. So why do I have to pay attention? Because he's gay, and I have no problem with homosexuality. No, this is Not a one-way street, I don't Have to like this deal, I certainly don't have to Buy the comic only because of that.

And right after this wedding, DC had to "answer" with an even worse scenario: having a classic character turned gay. Alan Scott, one of DC's oldest characters is not straight. And this, is a disgrace. I know, I know, it's the "New 52", but still, 90% of the company's readers know who Alan Scott was and part of his history. And you tell me now that because of a stupid company game you have to change his personality.

Great. I guess this is what comics are about these days. Boosting sales. By any mean necessary. Congratulations.

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