Comic Projects Updates and more

It's been too long since I wrote about my comic stuff and what;s on the menu for the next months. So, let's have it!

- PENGHUNT as you well know, is the current comic strip I'm working on, with new installments every Monday and Thursday on Blowtoons.com. If this is the 1st time you hear about it, go take a look, it's pretty funny, I assure you!

- The FOREST, another comic strip of mine, starring the famous Mr. Bunny, is currently in greek comic stores across the country. This is the greek edition of the strip, greek language, and published by 9th Dimension ("Ένατη Διάσταση"), with lots of guest artists, lots of fun, and a beautiful cover made by Will Perkins, and inked/colored by George Komiotis. It won't disapoint you -except if you don't speak the language-.

-COPY STORE, is the title of the graphic novel I wrote for Arcana Studios Publishing. It's about some demons living inkognito on Earth, and an angel who hates sheeps. One in particular. Everything will make sense, I promise, in a few months, when this will be released, you will get notified, no worries!
The art is from the exceptional Will Perkins, and inked by the talented Avgi Kanaki. This is gonna be big I tell you, and you're going to love it, because it has everything: Drama, humor, black humor, gray humor, killings and special gues stars from Hollywood!

-Some other projects are in the way, or just in my notes for the moment, but nothing worth mentioning in this stage. Another comic strip, a fairytale for adults -PG 15-, a "machines gone AI" story and a post-apocalyptic one. But everything in due time.

-In other news, I realised that I'm not insane after all, but almost everyone else is. Or maybe they do drugs  to be able to cope with me. But if that's the case, why do they even bother in the first place? The universe is trying to tell me something I guess, but in a strange and ironic language I don't exactly understand.

-And since I'm uploading stuff, something for the greek readers: Ένα δισέλιδο comic με τους πιγκουίνους μου πριν καν αρχίσει το PENGHUNT, την εποχή που είχαν κολλήσει στην Ελλάδα και έψαχναν να πάνε διακοπές. Enjoy!

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